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September 10, 2007


Neil H.

Perhaps Blockbuster provides a gateway from the brick and mortar world to the online rental world for the customers who are not used to getting movies via the mail.

I found that most retail blockbuster stores have very limited selection, of just that, the blockbusters, so if I want to see Rocky 10 I can get it there. However I think Netflix started either on purpose or by accident appealing to the market that wanted a wider range of choice in their movies that a local chain store would not likely stock, and not everyone has access to a good independent video store. Add to that the convenience factor and no late fees, as well as the oh, we likely have popular movies in stock as well...

I wonder if there are some dual format households that have Netflix and also have a retail BB subscription for impulse movies for themselves, the children etc, and that BB now has an online service they are consolidating to one vendor.


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